Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Glenn Miller situation: Birds of a feather.

The Glenn Miller situation: Birds of a feather flock together.

There are many opinions and stories floating around the net over the recent shooting committed by Glenn Miller. Mostly i am glad to see people unsupportive of such a thing, but there are few who praise such actions or give theories of why it happened. Coming up with extremely far fetched scenarios and conspiracies. All of which are lacking in proof and substance. Instead of simply using our common sense. The fact of the matter is Glenn Miller was a proven snitch who has been trying desperately for over the last two decades to be re-accepted into the pro-white cause. He was lashed out on by the majority of those who knew the truth and only found homes with those who he shared common themes with. For years he was an active poster on websites like VNN, then migrated to new sites like whitenations.com and even made appearances on turdbowls like the Cambuels Alliance forum. All of which are home to a plethora of drama queens who have an extreme false sense of reality. Who's true goals, apparently by their actions, is to whine and complain there way to victory. These websites are nothing but oversaturations and desensitization's, simple regurgitation of information. Then when some lone nut makes a random act of violence, against his own people mind you, they praise and hail it. Pure madness or an inevitable outcome? When we look deeper at the situation the picture comes oh so clear.

As i stated others want to theorize and i am not going to fall into that trap. As a Creator we must always fight against such thoughts. Remember:

1. A Creator is not gullible and does not easily accept any statement, belief, assertion or assumption that to him is lacking in proof and/or is unreasonable in light of his own experiences.

So with that let us simply look at the facts of the case. He drove half way across the state, away from his own community and shot three people. The media says he was targeting Jewish people by asking them whether they were Jewish or not. But the fact is the 3 people he shot were white Christians. (we can attest that to typical media bloating of the situation). He did not enter any building or try to make a bigger impact. When the police showed up he simply surrendered and did not fight against them at all. So that tells us his intention was to be caught. If a man was to truly target a group of people or the government that claims to be an intelligent person would plan, strategize and organize an attack, even if it was a lone attack. If he truly wanted to make an impact. However this action was simply an image statement. Nothing more. As stated before, Glenn Miller desperately sought acceptance from the movement. A traitor who wanted to be praised as a hero. To him, in his mind, write his past wrongs. But not necessarily make any changes. A purely selfish act. So he can live the remainder of his twilight years as a living martyr. Being praised and bootlicked from his prison cell by morons who think such actions are commendable.

Now what does this action truly accomplish? There is simply nothing positive that comes out of this.

1. The 3 random people who died were of no consequence. They played no role in the genocidal campaign against our people. Their deaths will not hinder any future actions against our people.

Result: Their deaths will be used as a martyrdom, fear mongering campaign against the pro white cause.

2. The aftermath of the situation has already begun. The FBI and government agencies will use this to justify illegal surveillance, harassment and further funding to fight against "domestic terrorism".

Result: More unnecessary ZOG pressure, infiltration and intimidation. Which in turn leads to dissension, cowardice and paranoia.

3. After awhile it will be used as yet another example of the "evils" of racism in schools and institutions.

Result: Future generations discouraged from taking a stance against their own genocide or even having pride in their own people.

4. The trial, media and sentencing will be blown out of proportion. It will be used as yet another example of consequences of racism. They will sentence him to obviously death or more then likely life without parole in a high security prison (mainly for surveillance of who is talking to him and supporting him).

Result: Fear and negative imagery. Many will see the examples of what they do and be fearful of any actions. Others will see the morons who will make him a POW as an example as what we endorse as a movement.

I could go on but you get the gist of it. When one looks at all the negativity of a situation like this, they will over think it and as i said before try to theorise and create conspiracy theories with it. When in reality it is no more then the end result of an ignorant, selfish action by a foolish old man!

Now let us look at those who supported him before and those who will support him after. As the title of this article says "birds of a feather".... I do not mean that in the sense those who claimed friendship or association are going to commit the same kind of acts. In no way do i believe that to be so. But the same persona of the out casted, the unaccepted. Glenn Miller was unaccepted because he was a traitor, a snitch. Those who aligned with him were simply outcasted because they are net Nazis, provocateurs and/or snitches, informants themselves. I wont go into detail of every person as it inconsequential to the point. But i will say this much, a man is judged by the company they keep. If your company or friends consist of Internet persona's, fake online names, people riddled with online controversy or cause it, people who try to justify past mistakes such as pedophilia or drug use, etc then perhaps you need to re-evaluate yourself. These people in a year will be praising Miller for his actions and calling him a POW. Which devalues true POW's, men like Rev Hale. These people must be avoided which is difficult because they live on the internet. However, if we simply call it like it is their inherent purposes and true intentions become clear. I will close on the this subject for now, just wanted to put my two cents in. My personal note to those out there who support or commit such acts:

Birds of a feather flock together, so do pigs and swine, but if you are of this ilk, you are no friend of mine.

Rev James Logsdon

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The wedge and seperation


The wedge and separation

After all years i have went out of my way to work with all sorts of different Pro White groups and individuals. Early on even sacrificing my principles of Creativity for the "good" of white racial unity. Oh yes, i have felt victim and beat the hippie drum of unity. With hopes that it was actually accomplish able. It was and is a futile endeavor, as i and others have seen it fail time and time again. I have broke it down in previous articles that it is not in our nature. Our fratricidal conflicts are key to who we are. But only in the this modern age of de-evolution do we defy our natural instincts and wish to adopt the suicidal Hippie peace, love and unity debacle that only serves the purpose of our enemies. It has always been my purpose to focus on the enemy first.
Enemy: 1.

a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something
Well, one can take that in many ways. Being a proud member of TCM quite a few fit this category. I have always been big on keeping things simple. If someone lies on you, betrays you, goes out of their way to slander and defame you, then they indeed fit that definition. Even if they at one time called you brother or claim to share common interests as you. If their actions speak against you accomplishing your goals in that common interest, then they do not truly share that interest. Many times i wanted to sit down, expose many for the what they are. But that would put them on my level or bring me down to theirs. I have felt victim to this many times. Engaging in their personal attacks on me and/or my religion. Falling into the trap and regretting it every time. I understand many of us including myself feel compelled to defend ourselves. I especially feel this as i am attacked more then anyone else in TCM. But if it wasn't me it would be someone else. Or something else.

Instead we can simply separate ourselves from the rest by our actions. REAL world actions. Let our actions speak louder then their actions of the clickity-clack of their keyboards!! One indisputable truth speaks louder then ten thousands of their lies. They will judge, criticize and slander but never show a better example. Simply claim and talk.

Brothers and sisters i felt a need for this short note after recent slander and also over recent CI mailings i received. One of which had the headline "Christ Power not White Power". This nonsensical drivel went on about how no other options for white salvation but through Christ. Which speaks volumes to these peoples true goals. They do not serve our race but that of GOD. If GOD was their mission shouldn't they be out fighting and dying if necessary to gain eternal glory in heaven? No instead these people want others to agree with them and do the things they are to cowardly to do. Sounds allot like Jewish tactics to me. I could talk about the contradictions of those Christian folk all day long, point being they do not seek white salvation, they only seek acceptance from their self created idea of a fictional deity.

I will not consider these folk my ally nor enemy. Instead i pity their foolishness. I defy their false sense of friendship under THEIR conditions and will fight the fight to save my race through the one and only true salvation for the White Race, CREATIVITY!

Rev James Logsdon

Friday, February 7, 2014

Vice article

Setting the record straight: Vice Magazine

Brothers and sisters, i normally try to reserve my writings for independent thought, inspiration and direction. However, it seems i need to clarify an issue that arised last year in which an anti white liberal stooge posed as an art critic and supportive, took our conversation, twisted it by misquoting and flat out lying and posted it as an actual interview. In turn the parasitic internet trolls with "Caliens Alliance" are using it to defame me and TCM. What a shock huh?

So let me indeed clarify what really happened. I recieved an email from this person on jan 12th 2013 (40ac) in which he was curious about the oil paintings i have. These are PM Klassens original oil paintings done by Jim Von Brunn in the late 80's. He wanted to know more about them plus other miscelaneous drawings and depictations done by random people over the years. I told him it would be easier to contact me via telephone, he agreed and called me. No where in the email messages did he say he was with any magazine or any form of media. When he called, i asked him why he was interested, because the paintings were not for sale. He said he was just "in to art" and that he was with an online magazine that specialized in such things. At no point in time were we doing an "interview". He just wanted to ask some questions. So let me go through this "interview" point out the truths and misquotes.

Here is the complete interview http://www.vice.com/read/rev-james-logsdon-doesnt-know-art-but-he-knows-he-likes-racist-art .

Right off the bat you will notice the "photos by Ron McMann" Well, this is a clear example of incompotence by a wannabe liberal journalist. He thought it was Ron McVan who did it, i told him on the phone it wasnt so apparently he just changed the name. LoL.

Julian Morgan:

If you’re a big racist, this is your kind of art. I found these paintings on the homepage of the Creativity Movement, a self-professed religion promoting "White Civil Rights, White Self-Determination and White Liberation via 100 percent legal activism." And yes, it’s all wrong, but something about the paintings stuck with me. They’re the kind of awkward renderings Napoleon Dynamite might come up with if he was into military chicks and Nazism, which is a combo you just don’t see enough of. I tried to interview the artist, a guy named Ron McMann, but he wouldn’t speak to me. Luckily, the leader of the Creativity Movement—one Reverend James Logsdon—did agree to talk, so I called him at his home in Bloomington, Illinois. We were meant to discuss art, but we ended up in a conversation about life. From a very, very racist perspective.

Well, if someone cant tell this is a complete liberal douche. But according to the "Calien Alliance and co.", he must be an accredited journalist. Or do they believe a liberal anti white would never lie? This talk we had was indeed a little personal, he told me stories on his life i said a few on mine and once again this WAS NEVER AN INTERVIEW! On top of the fact he posed as an conservative semi supportive individual. Ok his first question.


VICE: Hi James. So when I write the article I’ll probably refer to you as a racist. Is that OK?
Reverend James Logsdon: Oh yeah, that’s fine. Racist is not a negative word. Over the last 30-40 years it’s become a bad word but there was a time in America and Australia too, when being racist was normal. It’s just these liberals that say society was horrible back then. Was it? You look at the 1950s, was society really that bad? So now the term, racist, no, I use that word with pride.

Ok some of this is true. When he asked me if i refer to myself as a racist i said sure. It is the media who twisted and coined the term into a term of loathing and contempt. In which 50-60 years ago such term wasnt used as a term for whites with contempt for blacks as it was a common practice of racial loyalty. I also went on to say to him, look at the 40's and 50's america. Did we have the crime rate, disease rate, poverty rate? The same issues that have come with a multi racial society?


OK, let’s talk art. I’ve noticed all this blond hair, clean, Nordic landscapes – it all seems to scream purity. Can you tell me why?
Well, we’ve adopted the whole Aryan thing from Nazi philosophy. You know the blonde hair and blue eyes are all supposed to be the most pure aspects of the white race but that’s just genetics. People can have blond hair and blue eyes and not be of that purist European genealogy. Likewise, white people can also have brown or red hair so the idea that people have to be blond to be pure, I don’t support that. I would personally rather show pictures of white families as a symbol of pure genealogy. The symbolism of purity in terms of blood line is important to us but not the specifics. I personally don’t support the Nazi stuff at all.

Some of this is true as well. I did talk with him about how the majority of the movement ideolizes nazi philosophy and how images, although twisted by the media have been potrayed wrong. I did say i didnt support the superiority complex of certain pro whites on the "who is whiter" campaign. It seperates racially bonded people simply from cultural indifference. I have seen many dumbasses who claim to be pro white say that Italians, Greeks and Spainards arent white. This is a travesty caused by the same stereotypes created by the media of Nazi philosophy.

And what’s with all the hot girls?

Women are the future of any race; of any people. Also we’re looking to inspire people and there’s nothing more that inspires a man than a woman. That’s just in general, for any heterosexual man anyway.

I said this in more or less words. I also said it is a selling point. The Jewish media has been using woman in advertising for quite some time. So we use it as well, but not to manipulate or denegrate our women, but to show men what they are fighting for.


What percentage of pro-white movement are women?
I’d say 10 – 15 percent. Very few women become involved as activists and the problem is that we’ve got a lot of aggressive men who can be intimidating. You know, skinheads and fights – they’re not very appealing images to women.

Well, that is true. I didnt say the last however, like that. I understand the Beta male internet trolls never go out to pro white events so they dont understand what i am getting at here. However, the scene for many years have been a testosterone dominated scene. Chauvanistic in other words. That a skinhead concert or a pro white rally wasnt the place for the average woman. So indeed these events have been about 90% men. That doesnt mean women are not involved, on the contrary our women play a more important role then ever. They have been essential keys to organising, planning events, web work, and most importantly child bearing. I understand to the collection of sterile, middle aged net nazi's out there who probably havent had their little tally wacker wet in sometime that obviously dont know what i am talking about. However, the key to the future is our women. But to these people using this article to defame me, i guess the future lies in blogs, websites and their ego's.


Are you aggressive?
Well, five and a half years in a maximum security prison here in Illinois, yeah, I would say I’m an aggressive person. I’m also a former closed fist boxer so I’ve been a fighter all my life. As I’ve become more of a family man though, I’ve began to settle down.

Really? Being supposedly being interviewed he would just ask that out of nowhere? No! We were talking about our lives, how he hasnt had many interactions with violent non whites so he never had a reason to hate them. I told him that is pretty common, that most whites who have been sheltered away from the realities of multiculturalism, dont realize the problem. So he asked me how i became the way i am. I went into a short story of my life, including how i wasnt as racially aware until being attacked and stabbed by non whites in prison. The "closed fist" thing shows how this guy picked and choosed to manipulate the conversation. I was a former youth golden gloves competitor, undefeated but disqualified from injuries. I told him how i traveled, fought and have since calmed down since because of a wife and kids.


So you’re a family man?
Yep. Married with four kids. So I’m pretty much what you might say is normal but unfortunately in this movement, and I’ll be blunt honest with you, 80 to 90% of the people involved are social outcasts. They were people who were never accepted and they find the pro-white movement easily accepting. That then encourages the negative stereotype that we have in the movement. That’s a stigma that me and a few others are trying to fix.

Said it and standing by it! If we are to attract new people to this cesspool of self gratifying, egotistical, self righteous internet trolls we must be honest. This movement has become a joke way more the before. I want new people to realise how desperate this movement and cause is. We must not allow people to believe that THESE people are the saviors or solution to white genocide! That is why we need them, new blood to follow the philosophy not the social interactions. To rebuild what they have destroyed. Fuck the "movement" Hail the CAUISE!


Can I ask why you’re so angry?
Well, I was raised by a Vietnam veteran and he was very disgruntled with Asians. This meant I was raised in an aggressive and, what you might say, racist household. Then I had to go to an all black school and I was the minority so I had to put my back against the wall. Being angry was always just going to happen.

Once again REALLY?!?! He brought up their asian problems in australia and i told him about how my father was a vietnam vet and had a dislike for them. I told him how i was raised but not in those words. Yet more twisting and manipulating a personal conversation.


Were you friends with any of the black students at school?
Oh I wouldn’t say friends but acquaintances, yeah. I wouldn’t use the word "friend" loosely anyway. I think if you have one or two friends, true friends, in your whole life then you’re lucky.

This was brought up and yes i knew blacks and still do. Anyone who saus differently is full of crap. Or living in a hole, under a rock. But no never friends.


Alright, let’s go back to the art. What’s good art and what’s bad art?
I think good art is technical ability. I’ve seen a lot of art out there that is just complete garbage. It gets promoted by some of these art enthusiasts because of its message and I’m looking at it and you just see a bunch of paint blobs. Here’s another aspect of art – I’m covered in tattoos and I consider a lot of tattoo artists to be amazing, especially if they can do a free-hand.


Once again true but distorted. I told him that what our society calls art is a travesty. A jailhouse nigger can throw some paint blots on a canvass and liberals say its an "expression of innercity oppresion". I did say i find tattoos to be more of a modern form of artistic ability that has grown more popular over thes years.


Do you look like Edward Norton in American History X?
No, he’s got more tattoos than me. I’ve only got 19 and a lot of those are actually complete shit. I’ve got this 18 inch Celtic knight blending into a tribal art piece on my stomach and chest and it’s just completely horrible. It’s just a big black blob that’ll cost me $10,000 to remove.


This of course is an outright lie! That was never discussed. I did say however in the above conversation that some of my tattoos are horrible and i would like to get them removed.


I’ve seen a photo of it. It’s the one with the swastika and it looks pretty permanent. This makes me ask, have you ever wondered if you’re wrong?
You know, the only time I’ve wondered if I’m wrong, is when I’ve ran for my own people and they’ve given me nothing but negativity. It’s not that I feel then that I’m wrong in my mission, it’s that I’m wasting my time. Every time I’ve gone to a rally over the years, over 95% of the people who’ve showed up to protest are my own people. They just don’t even want to be saved. This makes me think it’s fruitless.

When he asked me if i regret my actions of the past. I told him of course, who doesnt. As far as my tattoos go. However i said i never felt this cause was wrong in anyway only that many dont want to be saved and others dont deserve saving.


Does this make you feel alone?
Oh completely. Completely. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it. The important thing is that when I lay my head down at night I know I’m doing the right thing.

Said it and stand by it! In the time of revolution a patriot is a scarce man. But when his cause succeeds everyone is patriotic because the cost is nothing. A quote who has been attributed to many people.


So if you’re doing the right things, have your beliefs and actions made your life better?
Absolutely not. A few years ago I was building houses and I had 19 guys working for me and I was making $70,000 a year. Now, I can’t get a job pumping gas. Now the first thing any employer does is Google my name and believe me, no employer wants to be tied to someone with my history. So actually, it’s completely destroyed my life but in the long run I know it’ll be worth it.

Said some of it but not in that way. I talked about how much i have lost in the fight for Creativity and racial loyalty. On how i continue to struggle because my racialism, however that is the cause i MUST give, plus more. I would much rather use a psuedo internet persona, hide myself away from reality..... well no i am not that way. I am not a coward. But i would rather be working full time, for a big company and live the life of a "joe blow". However this isnt a want to thing, this is a have to thing.


Worth it how?
Believe me, things are going to get very, very ugly. You just look at the common decline of society; you’d have to be blind to say that doesn’t exist. And whatever the effects in my life, I just have to look beyond that. I have to put myself aside so that we can all have a better future.

This, as taken out of context, is not far from the truth. I and others in TCM are not anonymous internet personas who can judge and slander because we hide our true selves. We know who we are and what we fight for. A man who uses this twisted liberal attack, then on their open forum, claims they recruited this person, says volumes.

To summarize the purpose of this. The CA net nazi's will use anything, no matter how pathetic and trivial to attack others and elivate themselves. Becasue they live in a world of lies and of dillusion. Stroking each others ego's over minimal internet activity. Because their personal lives are so sad and pathetic that they have to form some false sense of reality, an alter ego for themselves so they do not have to face the reality of what they are.

This article and its aftermath are a testament not only to the manipulation of anti white media but that of the degeneracy of posers who inhabitate this cause.

Rev Logsdon

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Net Nazi Reality

      I became truly racially aware when i was around 16, but i was pretty much oblivous in how or why to become active. It wasnt until after a long brutal prison sentence, filled with stabbings, solitary confinements and quite frankly wars i fought in maximum security prison. That i emerged, determined to fight for my people in any way i could. I already came from gladiator school and experienced what it was to bleed for your convictions, many times and understood the hate/aggression one must muster to make others bleed in turn. I knew there was other more productive means awaiting on the outside.

      When i first became active with the church i was quite excited. Rev Hale was more then accommodating! He had me on the streets at least every other week sometimes every week. Holding flags and signs on street corners, putting out thousands of flyer's, talking to people and meeting up with them. I lived an exciting life for those first several years. Went to concert after concert, demo after demo and rally after rally. I also lived an exciting personal life, working 40 to 50 hours a day running a framing crew, dealing with contractors, suppliers and home owners. After doing such a stint in prison i was no stranger to the ladies as well. To sum it up my life was very active in the real world. When i reached out to people there was no "e-mails". Other then to give them my number and make plans to meet up. It wasn't until i settled down and became a family man that I discovered the true sickening nature of what this movement has mutated into!

    When my social life was limited because of family, kids and also economically as the building trade hit a brick wall, i found myself having to find other means to be active. This entails something i never wanted to get involved with and that is the internet. Up until this point i was completely oblivious to what was really going on, on the "net". Net, fitting term as it is a trap! But many who knew me at that time can tell you if i logged on to any site once a month it was rarity and even rarer if i posted. I even at one point when i lived in Florida completely rejected it, Rev Jacobs and others answered my emails. They would call me with anything important but outside of that i had no interest. If i wanted to read something, i would read the paper, order a magazine, read a book, etc. So many people would call and whine about this or that argument, this person said this and this person said that, blah, blah, blah. My response was, ok did they say it to your face, "well no", and i would always say "what does that have to do with reality?". It wasn't until later i realized, that is the "reality" most live in.

    When i was forced because of my situation to enter this sad domain, i didn't realize what i was in store for. Seeing how people talked to one another and attacked one another. In MY reality that means your actually fighting not going on and on. I was quite confused. Who are these people and why do they think they can talk to people this way? So when i was first victim to this obviously i wanted to track these people down. I even took a couple road trips, wasting money trying to find these people to see if their fists are as tough as their keyboards to no avail. I even invited these people out to events and to meet up, of course no takers. I would get, even angrier and lash out, hey i still do at times, to these people. Playing their game of who is tougher with "words". Usually when you call them out to "meet up" or to "back up" their words, then you are called a "thug", or as the common theme of the week a "degenerate skinhead".

    The typical net nazi is very articulate with modern terms and comparisons from anti-white websites and slander he gathers from others. He knows how to make it personal, as he protects himself, as most, by hiding under anonymous usernames. He makes sure his bait is oblivious to how to, come at him. This is a common theme of jews and communists and adapted by those who claim to be be pro white. Many times, they are one in the same. For this is their only path to victory. Most the are posers pretending to play white power from the safety of the computer screen, are in reality very pathetic individuals. They know how to point out failures as they live it every day!

Now through my years i have seen these individuals usually to be one or the other.

1. A middle aged divorce' or in most cases never married. Usually no kids or never was involved in raising the ones they had. They have lost the ability to be physically confrontational and never would when they were able. Their life has turned the corner and started its downhill slope. They do not contain the testicular fortitude to man up in their late age, as many REAL men do and become active outside their home. So they use the internet to give them a sort of self entitlement, an ego boost from others for false sense of commitment and a place to vent and attack without any actual repercussions.

2. They are either teenagers or in their early twenties. In 95% most case still living with their parents. Spoiled most of their life's and well protected and provided for. They are either still in school or still reeling from high school days. In which they were picked on and alienated. They were socially awkward or cowardly from years of pampering and coddling. Their ego's outside of reality were boosted by the parents. They get involved in pro white circles as a place to find friends and in turn find many just like them. They boost each others ego's and regurgitate news, ideology and politics to each other. When they find someone that doesn't agree with them, that wont boost their ego or wont be their "friend" they lash out. Here is where they find the ability to be that "tough" guy. I am sure they envision those who picked on them in school, when they lash out at their suspected prey. As most travel the Internet in packs, with multiple accounts they can team up on said person and seem as though they are not alone. They will never grow out of this until they either venture out into reality but not "our" reality and find a life in the main stream world finding a woman and becoming "joe blow". forgetting about their "life" in the pro white movement.

    In some case the two coincide. A middle aged man, no kids, never married and yes still living with their parents. This my brothers and sisters is, i would say 90% of the Internet world. If they cannot be validated in some way by the REAL world (meeting someone, real name, real action) then yes they fit this category.

    So when we look at these people they are not too serious right? No it is a true sickness we have allowed for far too long! Out of desperation for numbers we have allowed our ranks on the Internet to be overwhelmed with these parasites. Allowing them to fill their sick, "false reality" needs, on our cause. It has weakened our cause and efforts and allowed other real people to fall in the trap of the NET. I understand in this modern age we rely heavy on the net but we must change certain standards. No more tolerance for those unwilling to operate outside the Internet. This isn't something we can convince the entire movement of, but at least we can start with our own. NO MORE tolerance of those who have never proven themselves OUTSIDE the Internet to earn notoriety, NO MORE tolerance of those who have never earned their "right of opinion" to give their opinion! NO MORE dealings with "anonymous" people or unproven persona's!

    Only way our cause and our great creed of Creativity is to flourish is in the real world in REALITY! Not in this net nazi reality these parasites have mutated our cause into. DEFY TECHNOLOGY EMBRACE REALITY!!! RAHOWA! Rev James Logsdon

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Yertle the turtle

When i was young one of the more popular childrens books were those of Dr Suess. One story in particular that reminds me a great deal of a common theme in the pro white cause, is Suess's "yertle the turtle". The story is about a turtle name yurtle, duh right? But yurtle was king of the pond and commanded all the other turtles. He at first wanted to be above (physically) of other turtles so he told one turtle named mack to let him stand on his back. You can already see the Suess theme here, yertle-turtle, mack back, etc. After getting on macks back he then wanted to be taller then the rocks, then the birds, calling more and more turtles in to stand on one another, all the while poor mack is at the bottom of this pile. Eventually, yurtles greed and jealousy led him to ridiculous hieghts when he noticed the moon and was angry when he wasnt higher then it. So he called in more turtles and attempted to go higher when poor mack at the bottom let out a large burp and the tower of turtles came crashing down. Leaving yertle on his back in the mud. The moral of the story is that when someone tries to use others to "rise" above, it will always come crashing down.

I find it ironic that i think of this analogy to compare to the movement when the Jew Suess admitted later it was a take on Hitlers dictatorship that inspired that story for him. But the theme i am refering to is this constant need for others to jump on every opportunity to use someones bad choices or misfortunes to elevate themselves in some fashion. Wether it be from a false sense of moral authority, personal arrogance or egotism and/or shear jealousy. It could be from them despising and hating the other or simply because it is a rut, a common action within this cause to kick somebody while they are down and trying to make others and ourselves feel better with our actions or inactions. If one is to be be truly better then the other he must achieve that through his own actions, through his own acomplishments and deeds. By using someone elses bad choices or mistakes to compare your false sense of a better worth, is like a pretty girl taking a ugly girl out to the club with her to look better by comparison. It is a false sense of reality. When the truth is told that comparison, that false elevation is swept away and all that is left is ones own self. His own worth and that is based solely on his actions and deeds. If he has spent all his time falling into the "yurtle the turtle" syndrome, using others misfortunes, like, i wouldnt do this or i would do this. I dont do this and i dont do that. I wont work with this person because of this, etc, etc, etc. Then we will see the shallow empty efforts and sentiment behind said person. Not to mention we all have faults and those that point out others with regular frequency are usually those who have more to hide.

I could give you numerous examples but it goes on so frequently that i would be here all day and no one would read all of it. Plus i would be falling into the same trap. It is one thing to point out truthful things when NECCASARY, but not to make one look better or to further ones own cause. Instead i offer this, as stated before, make your own credit and worth based off your own actions. Better yourself, learn from others mistakes and if you feel the need to try to rectify someones actions then tell THAT person. Offer him suggestions and help changing and focussing on a better alternative. Not scream it out from everyone to see like an attention whore. Saying "see, see, i told you i am better look at me, look at me." The actions of a needy child and is someone insecure with themselves. If that person is unwillingly to change or unable because of insecurities and stubborn pride then simply ignore them. Turn your back and focus on what YOU are doing then if you are truly better it doesnt need to be said.

In this cause most focus on the social comparisons and rivalries completly void of true proggress and enlightment. They spend too much time on what other already racially aware people think and do, instead of what they are and can be doing. However we cannot save everybody, and some shouldnt be saved. Simply ignore the childish actions and banter until they wither away or get the point. To sum this up my brother and sisters we must avoid the "yertle the turtle" syndrome and focus on bettering ourselves on our own accord and actions. This is, however, is just one of our many faults as a cause and people. When we see them we must eliminate them. Because only by bettering ourselves can we be the men and women we must, to change the things we must. With that may we together win this Racial Holy War. Rev James Logsdon.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Are we follower or promoters


I have ran into many people that claim to follow the faith of creativity and spend more time judging others for not following creativity the way they do. This deeply upsets me and makes me bang my head against the wall frustrated on the ignorant arrogance of some. If you are a true follower of our creed you will know our main goal is to promote our faith. Who is and who isn't a "better" follower is irrelevant to the greater cause. If you have a small group of creators that sit around and say "we are the true followers Klassens teachings" all the while do not convert, awaken or educate anyone for years, this does not make them a creator, this makes them a condescending douche! Many of us know people and groups like this.

I have been real close this year, closer then any other, to just giving up on creativity. The constant back biting, internal bickering, ZOG intimidation and lack of support from our adherents has drove me to a life of depression, alcoholism and bitterness. When i evaluate why i came to this and look for a way to dig myself out of this rut and hole i have found myself in, i must look at why. I will not blame others because i allowed their actions to influence me and drag me into this pit of destructiveness. The same pit i tried dragging others out of in the past, i found myself in. Without the support of others or the ability to take some real personal time to myself like i tried in the past. Its kinda hard to focus on yourself when people call everyday with their problems. I do not have it in me to abandon any of my brothers in their time of need. Many have said my heart is my biggest problem. Anyway, i had to find a way out of it myself. I did and that is through the teachings of creativity. I have to learn to throw off the negativity that surrounds us and realign our course. I will quit drinking and smoking and start focusing on the promotion of our creed. I want to move to a more salubrious diet but one thing at a time. After this, my personal evaluation and outcome i have also come to the big realization of what i started this article out as.

One cannot simply be a follower of creativity. If you follow our teachings but yet do not promote it, then that is as if you are condemning those you come into contact with to a life of ignorance. A creator must learn to care about his fellow white man and educate those he can when he can. Instead of simply looking down at him for not believing what we do. That's is the actions of a christian and not a creator. We are essentially missionaries for life.

When the Jews spread Christianity through the roman empire they did so because they had thousands willing to die for theirs. Because they had 100,000 who followed Judaism ruthlessly. They didn't just except Judaism and then say "oh that's good enough" or "well i am a true follower of Judaism". No! Nor does any adherent or convert of any religion just stop with themselves. Nor should we. Nor can we! It is our holy duty to stop at nothing to educate our people. If you have hit everyone in your circle, then expand your circle. become socialites, learn to become promoters of our creed. Essentially become missionaries of our faith. For the truth. Disregard the nonsense that may have dragged you down, like it did my self and others. Discover we are bigger, far bigger then ourselves and you will see our bright future. Let TCM be the promoters of our creed and then in a hundred years, no one will debate nor care who was the better creator, or even know. Or will it even matter as long as we do our job of awakening our kin. RAHOWA! Rev Logsdon.

A short re-evaluation of the pro-white "christian" movement.

  I have always been willing to work with anyone regardless of what religion they claim. As long as it is not in direct contradiction to the teachings of creativity. I have associated with and will continue to, with people from other faiths as long they show respect or at least restraint when it comes to criticizing mine. However in our 40 years of existence it is all too clear that we do not receive the same restraint or respect we have given those who obviously do not deserve it. So a no holds bar re-evaluation of this Jewish doctrine is not only needed but much warranted. This is not an attack on every christian nor of any individual. It is an attack on the faith itself and the actions of its adherents. WARNING, if you are a christian and are easily offended stop reading now.

The claim that Christianity is in any way a European religion, no matter how they spin it, is just plain sad. All historical fact clearly proves that its origins are pure Semitic in totality. But those who try to spin it to say it is European are even more twisted then those that blatantly follow the destructive Jewish teachings.

Bestiality at the center of their existence.

In CI (christian identity) studies i found that their belief is this. In genesis when the serpent seduced eve into eating the forbidden fruit. They insinuate that eve and the serpent actually had intercourse and that the first child "Cain" according to God was cursed. Then Cain slew abel his twin which was in some way the son of Adam and god banished Cain to wander the earth forever. They say Cain is the father of the Jewish race. Adam and Eve went on and founded the rest of societies population. So in other words the Jew is the half brother of us, and his father is Satan disguised as a serpent, who the mother of "our" existence according to them slept with. Confused yet? This is what they ACTUALLY believe! This is no more the product of a near millennium of forced indoctrination. A twisted form of thinking designed to confuse and befuddle the mind. You can take 1,000 people have them read the bible and without influence have 1,000 different perceptions. It is specifically designed to always keep your thinking unbalanced. Most are taught through their forced indoctrination that if they question any fallacies it was blasphemy and a sin. You were forced to except something that doesn't make sense. And even if you disregard the human punishments for questioning or better yet "blasphemy" then you will suffer an eternity of eternal damnation. Damned if you do damned if you don't.

The savior of your destruction.

Many who adapt to a different form of thinking, such as Lutheranism. One i know well because i was raised in it. Teaches you to disregard the old teachings that are so confusing and simply adapt the teachings of Christ. When it is Christ himself who said in Matthew, when confronted by a rabbi, if he defied the old teachings he said "i am not here to condemn any of the old teachings, but to fulfill them". So by his own words does he not deny he follows the same degenerate thought of Judaism but promises to fulfill them. And anyone who has read the old testament knows it speaks about nothing other then Jewish supremicism. The CI folk will tell you we are the true Israelite, but in those days they made it clear they and Jesus, that they were different then Europeans (mainly Romans). So i have always wanted an answer that i never received in debate from any CI guy. If we are the true Israelite and the Romans are our enemies and the rest of Europeans why do you claim that the twelve tribes of Israel are the twelve white nations of Europe when Jesus himself made a very clear distinction between them and white Europeans???

I truly swear i can go on and on and site thousands of potholes in their road of insanity but to what avail? Everything i am am talking about is derivative of NER and Klassens teachings. Anyone who follows the teachings of creativity knows the teachings of Christ are all fiction because his existence is merely based on unvalidated testimony and not historical facts or findings. However it is important to us to have weapons of truth at our side when we engage with those we can awaken. I do not need to go into any more proof in regards to the mentally chaotic teachings of Christianity and can say no more damaging things then one can hear then they will learn when they, actually reading the bible! Instead lets look at a couple actions of the followers themselves.

If one truly believes in this faith then why do they so desperately need validation from others? I speak of course of attending church. You sit their and pray in your head, praying for things you can attain yourself instead you ask "god" to provide them. They sit their asking "god" for forgiveness their transgressions, or "sins". They sit there and listen to a man speak from a book they are all suppose to read and own, explaining his take on the things they don't understand about said book instead of thinking for themselves (remember indoctrination). They attend these weekly events as they say it is required, when in reality it is no more then them seeking validation from one another. The validation that they are not alone in this faith. A faith that is suppose to be between you and god but seemingly is between you and others. But where is god?

Let us not forget those that grow violent or angry with those that do not follow this insanity. They threaten to use us, then exterminate us. Lash out at us and condemn us all for their own insecurities. These people are mentally unstable and after looking at the above you can see anyone who follows this and gets offended clearly is. If one is set and comfortable in his belief and his relationship with "god" what does it matter what i say because according to their belief we will burn in eternal damnation and they should pray for our soul. Their are those who we can pull out of the suction of stupidity that is Christianity but we must approach it with not so much of a judgemental overtone but one of inquisitive perception. Ask questions that are obvious, that put them on the spot and even if they get angry they are going to be up at night trying to convince themselves of the lies they have been indoctrinated to believe. The hole "your god is a dead Jew on a stick" routine is not going to make them think and question their ludicrous belief but simply make them defensive and aggressive to what they have been taught.

Remember always my brothers and sisters, our fight is one to awaken our kin not to alienate or persecute them. If one is hopeless then simply move on and avoid their ignorance. Nor is it our job to rile up our racial enemies. We must stay away from that until we have strength in our numbers. Because we will find us fighting our own rather then our true racial enemies, as we have now. Once we have awaken enough of our own kin the fight will be inevitable. RAHOWA! Rev Logsdon